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On these pages you will find instructions, exercises, cheat sheets, references, and tutorials. Originally the material was meant to teach our apprentices in house a starting point on their quest to obtain new skills and learn new stuff.

Courses are more work instructions for learners of new stuff to guide them to a goal. These link over to the guides - call them memorandums on my journey on a lot of webpages where I gather snips and lines that are worth to be kept and remembered - that are organized by topic.

Meanwhile this technical documentation might morph towards my personal omnium-gatherum while still trying to be useful for our young learners. Therefore it is and will always be in a flux.

Have Fun!

Now start with whatever interests you the most.

Below follows the default of a MkDocs installation as a quickref.


  • mkdocs new [dir-name] - Create a new project.
  • mkdocs serve - Start the live-reloading docs server.
  • mkdocs build - Build the documentation site.
  • mkdocs -h - Print help message and exit.

Project layout

mkdocs.yml    # The configuration file.
docs/  # The documentation homepage.
    ...       # Other markdown pages, images and other files.

Emojis, Icons and Keys

  • 😄   :smile:
  •    :material-account-circle:
  •    :fontawesome-regular-face-laugh-wink:
  •    :octicons-repo-push-24:
  •    :material-apple-keyboard-command:
  •    :material-apple-keyboard-option:
  •    :material-apple-keyboard-control:
  •    :material-apple-keyboard-shift:
  •    :material-keyboard-return:
  •    :material-keyboard-space:
  • Space+F   ++space+f++
  • Cmd+F1  ++command+f1++

For more icons and emojis use the emojis/icons search bar in the mkdocs-material documentation. The keyboard keys rendering is done using the pymxdown.keys extension.

For the full documentation visit material-mkdocs and

Mermaid supported

  title: Cool Seq Diagram
  Alice->>John: Hello John, how are you?
  loop Healthcheck
      John->>John: Fight against hypochondria
  Note right of John: Rational thoughts!
  John-->>Alice: Great!
  John->>Bob: How about you?
  Bob-->>John: Jolly good!

Last update: October 9, 2023